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Aqua Klean In-Line Aqueous De-fluxing System


Aqua Klean manufactures a line of in-line high performance cleaning and de-fluxing system sized to meet a customer’s product and production requirements. They also manufacture operator served cleaning stations.

Application Summary

  • The removal of all lead free and eutectic water soluble (OA) fluxes and other residues from post reflowed circuit assemblies, hybrid and semiconductor devices.


  • 24” wide stainless steel conveyer belt with digital speed control.
  • Full status control panel with 8 pressure station indicators.


  • 150” Long X 66” Deep

Wash System and Rinse Systems

  • Stainless steel wash and rinse plumbing.
  • Stainless steel high performance wash pump.
  • Stainless steel high performance rinse pump.
  • Ultra-safe high run-dry capable wash solution heater.
  • Ultra-safe run-dry capable wash solution heater.
  • Easy-access wash tank suction filter and particle screen.

Easy-access rinse tank suction filter and particle


Driving System:

  • Air sonic blower with one patented stainless steel rotary knife.
  • Three stationed air knives.

Application Summary

Aqua Klean produces high temperature and high pressure precision cleaning stations to suite every customers needs from.

  • Small multi bath operator served cleaning/drying stations.
  • Medium sized multi-operator aqueous multi-station modules.
High volume aqueous automated cleaning and drying station.