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Hybrid Burn In SYstems


Hybrid Burn-in System

Incal Technology's Hybrid Burn-in System was developed for, and is popular with tier 1 medical device manufacturers. Many installations of this system is used for the burn-in and test of hybrid medical products such as implant cardiac devices (defribilators and pacemakers). The system has 56 Burn-in slots and a 16-slot ambient cool-down rack. Each slot has a driver assigned to it. The industry-specific driver has an on-board controller for biasing, driving, and monitoring. The easy-to-use Tracer software assists the user in writing patterns, configuring the bias, drive, and monitor channels, and to control the oven. Results can be monitored on GUI, or in report files. Incal supports XML for all file formatting, resulting in easy integration.

Tracer Software

  • Easy setup/control/monitor
  • Automated process minimizes human errors
  • Advanced burn-in algorithms
  • Color-coded real-time fail monitoring
  • Process reports
  • Pattern Editor/ Serial Editor/ Setup Editor

Drive Channels

  • Both rails programmable
  • VOH: 0V to +12V
  • VOL: -3.5V to 0V
  • 100mA drive
  • Shorts monitoring
  • Programmable frequency
  • Programmable duty cycle
  • Programmable pattern

Monitor Channels

  • Any of the 96 channels can have four types of monitoring:
    • Frequency
    • Sign Of Life
    • Voltage
    • Vector Compare
  • On-board controller handles all monitoring in parallel

Power Supplies

  • +12V to -12V for Low V
  • 0V to 800V for High V
  • Upto 100W per slot
  • Voltage/Current read back
  • Under/Over Voltage
  • Under/Over Current
  • Per DUT current Monitorin
Hybrid Burn-in System Datasheet

Hybrid Burn-in System Datasheet
(pdf. 37 KB)