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Burn In SYstems

Incal offers a line of state-of-the-art burn-in systems & state of art burn-in testing hardware & software for retrofit & customized system refurbishment.


Burn-in Systems

Additionally, we make 85/85, LTOL, POTC, RTBI and hybrid burn-in systems for the semiconductor and medical industries including;

Driver Boards

Besides burn-in systems, Incal also designs, manufactures burn-in driver boards, as well as provides burn-in board services.

Burn-in & Burn-in Board Services

In addition to designing and manufacturing burn-In systems and drivers, Incal is also a major supplier of Burn-In Boards (BIB) for many IDM Companies. Not only do we design and manufacture Incal-style BIBs, we can also supply most system manufacturer's ‘style’ boards to fit other industry chambers.

 Burn-in & Burn-in Board Services