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Tahoe Burn In SYstems


Inspire XP-160 Burn-in System

The Tahoe burn-in system is Incal Technology's next generation of burn-in test systems. The Tahoe is a multi-use with high power and low power applications.

Dual System Temperature Modes

  • Individual DUT Thermal Control
  • Chamber Environment Thermal Control

Low or High Power BIB Implementation

  • Standard 450x600mm BIB for <100A
  • Multi-Contact Bus Bar for 100A-640A / BIB

Engineering- and Production-friendly

  • 160 bi-directional channels
  • Small system footprint 48” x 48” (1220mm x 1220mm)


  • Facilities: 208V 3Ø 75A
  • 24 slots, single temperature zone chamber
    • Burn-in temperature from 65°C to 150°C
    • Slot-to-slot pitch: 2.25”
    • BIB Size: 17.7”W x 24”L (450mm x 600mm)
    • Heat dissipation of up to 12.5kW
    • Airflow of 1200LFM across each BIB
  • Driver (1 driver per 1 BIB slot)
    • 160 channels, any combination of drive or monitor channels, 25MHz data rate, up to 200MHz clock
    • 8 independent programmable analog channels
  • Power Supplies (per each BIB slot)
    • Twelve 54A power supplies, up to 2.5V. Future feature will include current sharing capability for up to 100A DUTs.
    • Four 12A power supplies, up to 5.5V
    • Support up to Two BULK external PS up to 9A
  • Software
    • New, single screen intuitive user interface
    • Drill down to details from lot -> slot -> DUT -> pin level details
    • Temperature histogram
    • Current and voltage min/max history
Incal Inspire XP-160 Burn-in System Datasheet

Tahoe Burn-in System Datasheet