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XP-160 Driver Analog Option Module


XP-160 Driver Analog Option Module


  • 16 channels
  • Sine Wave Output
  • 40mA continuous drive with up to 150mA peak current
  • Each channel has independently controlled
    • Frequency: 10Hz to 20MHz
    • Phase: 1° granularity
    • Amplitude: up to +/-10Vpp @ 1MHz, 2vPP @ 20MHz
    • DC Offset: up to =/-10V, Less ½ of p-p amplitude of signal


  • 2 M-LVDS channels, per MLVDS specifications
  • The last four analog channels (13-16) are shared with the LVDS channels
    • Amplitude: MLVDS standard range and offset
    • Frequency: 10Hz to 25MHz Clock source
    • Phase: 1° granularity

Flexible Configuration

  • Channels are switched in 8 groups of 2 channels (1-4) (5-8) (9-12) (13-16)
  • Configuration of signal sources to BIB during downloading of LOT
    • Std Driver logic channels from S81-S96 (module not selected)
    • Analog Channels (1-16) assigned to S81-S96
    • LVDS channels (1-2) assigned to S93-S96 (1 LVDS=2 Channels)


Advanced training and signal transmission considerations are important for a successful product application.

Application notes and Burn-in board design guidelines are available for these application capabilities with consideration on signal quality limitations.

Incal XP-160 Driver Datasheet
Download XP-160 Driver Analog Datasheet
(pdf 682 KB)