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Xp8160 Burn In SYstems


Inspire XP8160 Burn-in System

The Inspire Burn-in System is mainly used for testing SOC & mixed signal IC's. Every slot provides 144I/O (96+ drive, and up to 52 monitor channels), and 8 power supplies. This system supports Incal's 8160 style BIB. The standard oven is a DS 2x 8 slot system, though other options as well as Prescreen Stations are available.

BIB Format

  • 12.32"W x 23.85"L x 62mil thick
  • BIB power supplies up to 8 (98A current) 2x @ 25A, 6x @ 8A ea
  • 144 I/O per BIB (96+ drive and up to 52 monitoring channels)
  • Supports Thermal Socket interface requirement

Inspire Application

  • Runs natively on Windows XP and Windows 7.
  • Application controls/ monitors all aspect of Burn-in
  • Recipe/Pattern Editors
  • Built-in Logger for system events, temperature and lots
  • Programmable logging interval
  • GUI logic analyzer
  • Color-coded fail monitoring

8 Power Source

  • Up to 32 Power Supplies controlled and monitored
  • Positive or negative voltage
  • Sequencing and delays
  • Under/Over Voltage shutdown
  • Many power supplies to choose from GPIB or LXI interface standard
  • Slot current monitoring

4:1 Architecture

  • One Driver for 4 BIB
  • Only 4 drivers for 2x 8 slot system
  • Reduces system cost
  • INCAL SST Backplanes
  • Pass Marker allows driver to sample on one BIB for entire pattern length for effective monitoring

144 Drive Monitor

  • 25Mhz with 16Meg depth
  • VOH: 0.5V to 5.5V
  • 4-point Clock Skew/ RZ formatting on all channels
  • Four types of monitoring available on all channels
  • Opt Module: 16 analog channels

System Configurations: Chambers

  • Dual Stack 8 Slot (x2), 75ºC to 155ºC Multi Chamber
  • HTOL 56 slot & 28 slot, 75ºC to 155ºC
  • LTOL (PTC) 24 slot, -55ºC to 155ºC

System Configurations: Prescreen Bench Options

  • Full Bench w/Fixture
  • Compact Cube w/Fixture

Option Module Analog 1

  • 16 independently configured channels
  • 20V P-P output swing
  • Frequency 10Hz to 20MHz
  • Phase Shift 1 degree resolution
  • DC offset within +/-10v output Rai
Inspire XP8160 Burn-in System Datasheet

Inspire XP8160 Burn-in System Datasheet
(pdf. 560 KB)