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Mission Statement


Our Mission

The mission of Micro-E is to provide the best technical sales and service representation to manufacturing companies in the Southern California and Arizona marketplace.  Micro-E represents or sources quality lines of “Back End” production and support equipment and services for the Hybrid and Semiconductor industry.
Typically, our selected products offer “something extra” over our worthy competitors.  This might take the form of higher thoughput, greater yield, longer product life, greater process or product flexibility or new process potential or any combination thereof.  Inevitably this means that our proposed equipment is never “cheap” hardly ever the low bidder among competitive bids and ocassionally the most expensive equipment proposed.  Its value is in its ability to make your products a better value to your customers!!

Our Focus

The focus of the Micro-E team is on carefully identifying and satisfying our customer’s requirements. We begin, typically, by meeting with our customer’s technical people to clearly identify their equipment needs and customer training requirements. We also identify and quantify facilities and support requirements. With these tasks done we supply a detailed descriptive proposal for the equipment and services required.
We also provide post installation follow up visits to make sure our customer remains satisfied and comfortable with our equipment performance and our factory’s support.


Our territory includes Southern California and Arizona with facilities in Los Alamitos, California and an office in Phoenix to serve Arizona.

Personal Selling

Above all at Micro-E, we realize that selling is still personal.  Customers buy from and work with people they trust and respect.  For this reason we strive to maintain the highest in our business relationships and we try to become as involved as possible with our customers, learning to understand their technology and production needs and standards.  For nearly 40 years we’ve supplied products that represent the greatest value that best meet their needs.