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Solvent Precision Cleaning Systems


Cobehn Systems

Your critical cleaning solution for:

  • MicroElectronics
  • RF & Microwave
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Surface Mount Devices
  • Precision Mechanical Devices
  • Avionics
  • Optics
  • Ball Bearings
  • Ball Grid Array
  • Accelerometers

… and other components where long term reliability requires critical  cleaning.
The low cost, effective, operator safe, and environmentally sound cleaning alternative to:


  • Soak and Brush
  • Aerosol Cans
  • Vapor Degreasers                                           
  • Ultra Sonics
  • Plasma                                                                 

Cobehn offers one of the most cost efficient approaches to critical cleaning and emissions control.  Its modular systems allow the use of virtually any solvent which, when combined with the Cobehn stainless steel glove box and fume containment equipment provides the answer for today’s environment and work safety issues.



The Cobehn Advantages:
Better Cleaning

  • Continual use of fresh solvents do not subject the part to new contamination, cleaning without leaving residue.
  • The only process that effectively removes organic and inorganic contaminants.
  • Controlled velocity atomized spray drives contaminants away, including insoluble materials.
  • Ability to use any available solvent technology allows versatility in selection of proper chemistry for particular application.
  • Can adapt to multiple solvents for multiple contaminants, optional two solvent delivery for multiple contaminants.

Safe for Components

  • Avoids the potentially corrosive effect of aqueous systems.
  • Safe for assemblies subject to ultrasonic degradation.
  • Components complete the process both clean and dry, no oven baking required.
  • Gentle atomizing spray will not damage delicate wire bonds.

Safe For Employees

  • All Cobehn solvents are non-flammable and non-explosive.
  • Use of Cobehn Fume Containment glove box prevents inhalation of harmful vapors or chemical splash back.
  • Solvents packaged in easy to handle quart containers.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Cobehn sells only non ozone depleting solvents.
  • Extremely low emissions - Zero emissions if fume recovery units are deployed.

Cost Efficient

  • Lowest capital and operating cost equipment available.
  • Average solvent consumption measured in ounces not drums.
  • Small footprint requires only a 48” table, conserving floor space.
  • Easy and fast process does not require skilled labor.
  • Installation involves only 110V and 80psi nitrogen or air.
  • No hazardous waste removal cost.
  • Profit improvement from fewer rejects.

The System:

Spray cleaning Equipment  -  Environmentally Friendly Solvents
Fume Containment Glove Box – Fume Extraction System

System 4450CA – Mini Clean Room

The Cobehn System 4450CA "Mini Clean Room" is a process controlled, fully integrated cleaning and fume containment system designed for hi-rel applications which require strict control over the duration of the staging, cleaning, and drying cycles which make the Cobehn system so effective in cleaning in cleaning critical components. 

A digital process controller provides the ability to program the number of seconds for each of the cycles to ensure the most effective and efficient cleaning and drying for each component, regardless of size or complexity of the device being cleaned.  In addition, the controller allows the settings for both operating pressure and temperature to allow flexibility in using different solvents depending on the contaminant to be removed at each step of the manufacturing process.  Once all parameters have been set, they can not be changed without access to the 4 digit security code.

The custom engineered stainless steel glove box serves two purposes. Not only does it provide a "mini clean room" environment to ensure components are not exposed to new contaminants after cleaning but it protects the technician from exposure to any vapors that might be present during the cleaning process. When connected to the Cobehn Fume Extractor unit the system becomes a self-contained, air tight system protecting everyone within the work environment from chemical exposure.

Flexibility and adaptability is a trademark of all Cobehn equipment and the System 4450CA is no exception. To ensure the ability to clean even larger devices the system is equipped standard with a dual nozzle and shut off valve to disable one nozzle when cleaning standard size components.   Since larger size components generally require more flexibility in the cleaning process a simple switch converts the system to manual operation allowing the technician to control the length of the spray cycle using a foot pedal.

For larger volume applications the unique Cobehn design allows the incorporation of custom designed parts holding devices which, when combined with the air driven, oscillating parts transporter, permits the automated cleaning of multiple parts in a consistent and uniform manner with only minimal operator intervention to load and unload the parts racks.




Dual nozzle precision crafted atomizing sprayers with shut off valve to enable single or dual operation
Digital interface processor controls staging, cleaning, and drying cycle times with adjustable volume sounder to indicate completion of cleaning process
Security lock out code prevents unauthorized changes to cleaning parameters
Custom #304 stainless steel glove box with large glass viewing area, top mounted fluorescent light, 16" x 16" access door, and choice of circular open ports, large rectangular opening, or fully sealed airtight ports
Lowest solvent usage equipment currently available in the market--- atomizing design of sprayers combined with continuing air flow ensures fast evaporation of chemical eliminating need for hazardous waste disposal
Elimination of all electrical devices inside the cleaning chamber allows use of virtually any solvent technology including alcohol
Heater disable feature and nitrogen blanketing inside chamber assure safe operation even with flammable solvents
Modular design allows up to 8 sprayers and pneumatically driven oscillator fixture to be retrofitted to base model without purchase of entire system
Console mounted switch coverts system from automatic to manual operation offering technician total control over cleaning process for specialized applications
American made to precise tolerances to ensure reliability and virtually maintenance free operation

Full 2 year warranty on processor components and 3 years on spray nozzles when used with Cobehn 2 micron filtered solvents


The unique nature of our industry occasionally dictates that a solvent be used that is toxic, emits VOC's, or has odors which are unpleasant in a work environment. The Cobehn Fume Filtration System, used in conjunction with the custom crafted glove box, provides the ultimate in work place safety. Available in a variety of sizes, these explosion rated units use activated carbon and pleated filters to remove flammable or noxious fumes and trap them completely. All emissions are contained, leaving only the filters to be changed when needed.
With the complete Fume Filtration System in place, the Cobehn process can safely be used in facilities without ventilation equipment as well as in parts of the country where increased environmental sensitivity is a factor.



The Cobehn Model 1400 provides a low cost and environmentally friendly solution for the critical cleaning of electronic, mechanical, and optic devices from the very smallest to 12" in size that require cleaning to ensure long term reliability, appearance, or secondary process requirements.
Using a patented venturi design atomizing sprayer it gently removes both organic and inorganic contaminants including fluxes, oils, fingerprints, dust, and particulates.   It can be used with virtually any solvent or alcohol to thoroughly clean printed circuit and smt boards, micro-electronic components, optic devices, ball bearings, other precision mechanical devices, and any component requiring either basic or more critical cleaning.
Using only a minute amount of solvent its gentle impingement process quickly cleans and dries even the most intricate and complex components without the need to deal with any hazardous waste disposal issues.  Devices are cleaned and dried in a one short 10 to 20 second process that can be performed without skilled labor.
Whether used in conjunction with, or as alternative to, ultrasonics, vapor degreasing, plasma, or simple hand cleaning, its cost effective and simple process have been used in a variety of manufacturing and lab applications installations for over 50 years.

Operates with any currently available solvent chemistries and alcohol
Atomizing spray can not harm even the most delicate of components
Virtually zero energy cost to operate-no boiling sumps, 110v system with no high energy pumps, or continuous exhaust system required
Simple equipment design and venturi spray delivery process eliminate technical maintenance expense and costly down time
Virtually no installation cost-needs only 110v, 80#psi, and fume hood
Small 14" x 14" footprint saves bench top space
Atomizing sprayer ensures evaporation of chemical to eliminate hazardous waste treatment disposal costs
Low initial capital cost - low monthly leases available
Dual nozzle sprayer available
Designed for long life and low maintenance expense
2 year full warranty when used with Cobehn filtered solvents

Solvents – Ultra Pure Solvents Filtered to 2 Microns
Cobehn solvents are used for many different cleaning applications including the removal of ionic (polar), non-ionic (nonpolar) and particulate soils.  Each product has different characteristics to address specific critical cleaning needs and Cobehn can offer suggestions and product testing for your evaluation.
Cobehn Systems, clean room processed solvents are filtered to 2 micons to eliminate particulate matter.  This exclusive processing procedure eliminates the contamination inherent in bulk packaged electronic grade solvents supplied in pails and drums.
To assure purity all Cobehn Solvents are packaged only in quart and gallon containers which have been washed, solvent rinsed and dried.  After the filling process they are cello-sealed to preserve integrity and controlled by manufacturing lot number.

Vertrel Series
Vertrel SMT – a non-flammable hydroflourocarbon, is intended for use in removal of flux, grease, oils, waxes, and ionic residues.  SMT’s low surface tension makes it an excellent particle eradicator.  SNAP listed.  Acceptable TLV’s.
Vertrel MCA (+) – a non-flammable hydroflourocarbon with cycopentane – is intended for use in precision cleaning applications such as precision cleaning of metals, removal of heavy oil, grease, wax, vacuum oil and difficult soil situations.  Very effective when removing silicon based oils and mineral oils.  SNAP listed.  Acceptable TLV’s.

Cobehn Spray Clean Solvent
Cobehn non-flammable Spray Clean Trichloromethane is intended for use in difficult flux removal situations as well as in the removal of grease, oils and particulates where no other material will handle the job.  While not a CFC or ODS spray clean solvent is extremely cost effective, but is a VOC with a low TLV requiring that it be used with a Cobehn Fume containment Chamber to assure that vapors cannot escape into the work area.

Cobehn’s non-flammable AK225 is an environmentally safe HCFC designed to replace CFC’s and PFC’s which have high ozone depletion potentials.  Like other Cobehn ultra pure solvents AK225 is filtered to 0.2 microns and is an excellent choice for the final cleaning of precision mechanical and electronic devices.  It is safe on most metals and plastics and is not a VOC.