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Test and Burn-in sockets


Dual Flatpack Package

Fiber Optic / Laser Diodes

Leaded Chip Carrier

Land Grid Array /
Ball Grid Array

Leadless Chip Carrier

Multi Chip Module /
High Density Interconnect


Power Hybrid Modules

Quad Flatpack Package

Small Outline 
Integrated Circuit

Stack Flatpack Package

Special Custom Work


Micro-E Product Bulletin

Azimuth Electronics, Inc.

The test and Burn-in Socket Manufacturer with an excellent reputation;

“If you can’t find a socket to do the job, call Azimuth, they can build anything!” (Comment from a customer I called on shortly after I had started Micro-E Company).

To this day my customers’ advice remains true.
AZIMUTH ELECTRONICS is a family owned business with over 50 years of experience meeting the needs of the semiconductor and Hybrid industries.  Virtually all of my military, medical and aerospace customers have become Azimuth Electronics test and burn-in socket customers.

  • Located in nearby San Clemente California, Azimuth provides complete AutoCAD design facilities; a complete machine shop and their own molding facilities to meet a customer’s needs for prototype, small lot and production quantities of Test & Burn-In fixtures and sockets.¬† Sockets can be designed to suit Jedec industry standard packages as well as custom form, fit and function military and medical electronic packages.
  • Azimuth offers specific socket insulator and contact materials to meet special power, temperature and other environmental requirements.

  • BGA, PGA LGA packages including fine pitch requirements
  • Flat packs and QFP’s including fine lead pitch requirements
  • Descretes; T.O., SMD and axial leaded packages
  • Temperature ranges from cryogenic to elevated temperatures and special atmospheric testing.
  • Minimum quantities: (one)


All Azimuth products are designed, produced and given rigorous inspection at their facilities in the U.S.